About Karara.

Welcome to Karara, the exciting way to enjoy delicious, aromatic, traditional food from Kent’s reputed Indian chef, Paul Babra.

Taken from the Punjabi word meaning ‘Spicy’, Karara foods offers a fantastic menu to suit all tastes and appetites, with a choice of outside dining, events, wedding, corporate, takeout or even a chance to experience his curry school, there is something for everyone. providing authentic Indian Cuisine Paul  has allowed many to taste the traditional aromatic spices of India.

Karara is a culmination of Paul’s experience and skills, bringing the real taste of India to Kent, the UK and across the world.


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What our customers say

Absolutely outstanding! The flavours of India came alive at our event thanks to Paul and his team. From the aromatic spices to the impeccable presentation, our guests were treated to an authentic culinary journey that left everyone wanting more
Adam Sendler
Excellent authentic Indian cuisine!! Definitely made with love and zest for Indian culture and flavour!! I whole heartedly recommend the Karara food experience. Chicago, USA

Adam Sendler
Sukhpreet Birdi
Me and my family met Paul at a local event, we loved the food and authenticity so much that we asked Paul to cater for our wedding, delicious food and fantastic service, thank you so much! - Our guests loved you, the food, and your expertise on Indian Cuisine.
Adam Sendler

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Our Mint and Tamarind sauce combo is a perfect accompaniment to any dish. It boasts a fresh taste-tingling experience. Suitable for all palates and spice tolerances. 225g


The Pork Pickle Chutney is one of our most popular products. Filled full of fresh ingredients this pickle will please any palate. With our most authentic herbs and spices 300ml

The Aubergine Pickle is an aromatic bomb of amazing flavour! A popular addition. All our sauces and pickles are homemade and used in all our cooking and catering events. 395g


Indulge in the authentic heady aromas of Karara foods